Index of book photos by page number

1  Albert Grinnell Day, school photo
2  Albert Day’s school report
3  letter to Albert Day from Oscar Chamberlen, 1879
4  business card, O.H.A. Chamberlen
4  A.G. Day
4  O.H.A. Chamberlen
4  A.W. Emerson
5  bill of sale, printing business 1887
6  business card, The Analecta, 1887
6  business card, The Analecta Printing House, 1887
7  Mabel Day
7  musical performance program page 1, 1887
8  musical performance program page 2, 1887
11  Opera House Block, Pittsfield NH
13  Frank Palmer
13  Nancy Jenkins
13  Jenkins home in Barnstead NH
14  obituary, Nancy Jenkins 1869
15  Western Union telegram 1869
16  Nannie Palmer, preschool
18  calling card, Walter Edgerly
18  calling card,  Frank W. Potter
19  two Reward of Merit cards, 1881
20  Reward of Merit card front and back, 1881
21  Reward of Merit card
22  Clarence Jenkins
22  Solon Jenkins
26  concert program p.1 Nancy Palmer sings 1885
27  concert program p.2 Nancy Palmer sings 1885
28  Nancy Palmer and Ella Perkins 1885
29  school record card 1886, Pittsfield NH
29  school photo, Nancy Palmer and Lillian Swett
30  High School class, Pittsfield NH 1886 or 1887
31  Natt Cram, school photo
31  French, Osgood, Lougee, school photo
32  wedding announcement, Brown and Jenkins
32  Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jenkins, wedding dress
33  Albert Thompson, hotel steward
33  William Albert Jenkins, Nannie Palmer’s Grandpa
34  Historical Character Party advertisement, 1890
35  Nancy Palmer and Albert Day as Columbia and Uncle Sam 1890
36  H.D. Brown & Co. store, Pittsfield NH,
36  calling cards, Nancy Palmer and Albert Day
37  dance card 1891, Sheet and Pillow Case Party
41  ad for Vegetable King by J.P.M. Brown
42  ad for  Brown’s ointment
44  hand drawn “courting scene” of Nancy and Albert
46  map drawn by Palmer Day, streets near the river in Haverhill MA
47  page about Brooks Bros. from Haverhill Board of Trade book 1889
50  map of New England showing where Albert and Nancy lived
51  Nancy Palmer, young adult
54  Western Union Telegraph 1892
54  Fire Correspondent card 1800s
56  Earl Day Brown, baby 1892
58  a few lines from a letter, with a bar of music 1892
72  Columbian Tea Souvenir 1893
73  Day house at 9 Ferry Street, Bradford MA
73  Ferry Street as seen from Main Street, Bradford MA
74  Canton Ball program, front and back 1893
75  Canton Ball program, order of dances 1893
76  Bradford Bridge, Haverhill MA
78  invitation to an event at Brooks Bros.
89  Boston & Maine R.R. tickets, no date
90  letterhead from H.D. Brown, Dry and Fancy Goods 1893
93  birds-eye view map of Pittsfield NH by George Norris 1884
94  The Valley Times letterhead with letter from Albert Day 1893
97  letter to Albert from Nancy, with flowers - “unspoken words”
100  letterhead, The Manchester Mirror, NH about 1893
105  wedding announcement, Nancy Palmer and Albert Day 1893
107  photo of a hack from Rockingham Free Public Library, Bellows Falls VT
108  flowers from a letter 1893
109  diary page, Nancy Palmer Day 1894
110  business card, Bellows Falls Times VT, Albert G. Day
111  letterhead of The White Mountain Republic Journal, Littleton NH
121  “chased by moonlight”, letter 1894
129  The Micro-Phonograph Concert, newspaper article
130  tax bill 1894 Village of Bellows Falls VT
131  photo of horse and carriage from Rockingham Free Public Library, Bellows Falls VT
133  letter from Will Page, The Valley Times letterhead 1894
134  Charles Edgerly and Mary Alice Brown, two photos
135  residence of H.D. Brown family, Main Street, Pittsfield NH
140  children of Albert Day’s sister Florence Day Brown, Gladys and Earl
142  store receipt for new overcoat, Bellows Falls VT 1895
143  Arthur Emerson (in hat) in print shop
143  Albert Day in print shop, no date
145  “innocent moon”, line from a poem by Francis Thompson
149  article from before the World’s Fair, The Valley Times, 1893
150  Washington House hotel letterhead and letter, 1895
153  map showing bridge over the Merrimack River, Haverhill MA
153  picture of bridge over the Merrimack River, Haverhill MA
155  letterhead of The Valley Times, 1896
171  business card, George Mitchell, The Valley Times, Pittsfield NH
174  letter from lawyer James Leach, Boston MA
177  the Emerson children with Bowdoin Plumer, about 1900
178  Briarcliff Lodge post card, about 1903
179  Briarcliff Lodge letterhead, 1903
181  Briarcliff Farms Home Office Building
187  diary page April 1904
189  ticket stubs from Carnegie Hall, 1904
191  Hotel Pemberton, Hull MA
197  menu, Hotel Pemberton 1906
203  heating stove, Abendroth Bros., The Fireside model
204  Nancy Palmer Day holding baby Palmer Day
205  house on Main Street, Pittsfield NH
206  post card from Gladys Brown, front and back 1907
207  photo post card, Gladys Brown holding baby Palmer Day 1907
207  Gladys Brown, daughter of Albert Day’s sister Florence
208  the Rockland House hotel, Hull MA  
208  Palmer Day in Pittsfield NH church Sunday school group
209  Palmer Day, sitting baby
210  Western Union telegraph, job offer 1908
211  rent receipt, Watertown 1909
211  Cando product labels
212  women in white dresses sitting on garden bench
212  business card, Paul Manufacturing about 1910
213  Albert, Nancy, and Palmer Day with Winnie Jenkins
213  “work horse” parade about 1911
214  Charles Edgerly, Osgood photo
214  Palmer Day, child
215  Christine Brown
215  Nancy Palmer Day, Albert Day
216  Mary Brown Edgerly playing square grand piano, 1907
218  train station, Pittsfield NH
219  Albert and Nancy Day with granddaughters
219  Earl Day Brown with violin
221  letter from Lillian Swett at Wellesley College, 1892
222  Josiah Winslow Edgerly, Lillian Swett, college photos
222  Edith Swett Cram and son Clifton